Your Questions Answered: “Ready or Not, the New Healthcare Law”

Your Questions Answered: “Ready or Not, the New Healthcare Law”

Important information for you to get the most out of the Affordable Care Act.
NEW YORK, NY (NBC News) - The Affordable Care Act (ACA) goes into effect on October 1st, but what does this mean for you and your family?

This week, NBC News begins special coverage called “Ready or Not, the New Healthcare Law” you'll find on KARK and It's an extensive series aimed at explaining the complexities of the ACA and its impact on consumers.

The special coverage will be found on air, across digital and through social media, and also provide users with interactive tools and resources, available at this link, to help shed light on what the healthcare act means for them and explain how to enroll.

On Monday, “NBC Nightly News” (seen at 5:30 p.m. on KARK) will air an interview between NBC News’ Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Throughout the week, Dr. Snyderman will invite the public to submit questions about what the laws mean for them using the hashtag #AskDrNancy. Dr. Snyderman will respond to many of these questions directly through a series of short videos you'll find here.

“Doctors, nurses, employers and patients all have a stake in how the Affordable Care Act will play out,” said Dr. Snyderman. “The sweeping federal law is confusing. We will clarify parts of the law, explain how states differ and tackle many of the challenges associated with it. We are committed to answering questions and serving as a guide as this legislation is implemented.”

“Ready or Not, the New Healthcare Law” will also provide extensive coverage on the process of enrolling in health insurance marketplaces. The interactive tools, available at this link on October 1st, will explain what these marketplaces are, where to find them, and how to evaluate the options and calculate costs.

Additional reports will air throughout the week on “NBC Nightly News,” “Today,” and, exploring the many facets of the ACA and its impact on the public. Coverage will include the opening of health insurance exchanges, how well the Obama Administration is getting the message across and the stakes if the marketing push succeeds or fails. Other topics include efforts to reach out to the young and healthy, primary care physician shortages, the impact on prospective entrepreneurs, changes expected at the ER, and more.

Television viewers and web readers are encouraged to participate with questions on social platforms using the hashtag #AskDrNancy.

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