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Young Heart Transplant Patient Continues To Recover

An 11-year-old Shirley boy recovers from his transplant surgery.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- There's great news for a strong little boy born with a rare heart defect.

Tristan Hamilton -- who lives in Shirley -- went through his second organ transplant at just 11-years-old!

We first shared his story with you in June after he underwent the surgery.

Tristan is still recovering at Children's Hospital and going through physical therapy to gain back his strength so he can walk again.

His family is hopeful he'll be home in time for the holidays.

Tristan's sister, Alicia Green, said, "He's more motivated, like more happy, more energetic. I mean that's what I see whenever I see him because it's clear as day on his face that he's really happy."

The family also wanted to thank the good folks of Shirley and all the surrounding communities for their supports and prayers during this trying time.

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