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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Dropped Against Nabholz

The wife of a Nabholz Construction employee had sought restitution after her husband's death in a company vehicle.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- The family of an Arkansas man continues fighting for answers one year after he was killed when his work vehicle crashed.

Tammie Chapman, the wife of Aubrey Chapman, blames the truck her husband was in, saying it was an accident waiting to happen.

Having no legal background, she filed a wrongful death lawsuit that was not complete, and risking libel fines, she had to pull it.

The lawsuit alleged Chapman was killed when his company vehicle, maintained by Nabholz Construction, crashed in Utah.

"The last time I drove here I dropped Aubrey off for him to leave to Utah," said Tammie.

The company released a statement about the lawsuit that reads: "Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, but we deny the allegations or that it was any act or omission on our part that led to Mr. Chapman's death."

"It's their obligation as his employer to take care of his family if something happens to him on the job in a company vehicle," said Aubrey Chapman Jr. who said he used to have faith in the integrity of the company.

"People go work for a company thinking they're going to take care of them if something does happen to them," said his son.
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