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Wild Woman: Eagle Awareness Month in Arkansas

These majestic birds both nest and overwinter in Arkansas. Fish is their main prey.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - It's Eagle Awareness Month in Arkansas and if you've never seen one of these beautiful birds up close, there are several places you can check out.

Kirsten Bartlow, the Watchable Wildlife Coordinator with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission shares this information on eagles:
  • Late morning is a good time to see them as the temperature rises and they soar on the thermal updrafts.
  • Eagles love AR! They are fond of our natural waterways and mild winters. They both nest and overwinter here. Fish is their main prey.
  • Eagles are a protected species. At one time, their numbers had dwindled due to the use of the pesticide DDT and they were outright shot and killed. They've made a comeback in AR and around the nation.
  • Great locations to see an eagle: Lake DeGray, Bull Shoals, Petit Jean, Holla Bend and Pinnacle Mtn. State Park.
  • It takes 4 to 5 years to reach adult plumage. Head looks larger than golden's in flight and bald eagle has large yellow bill.
  • TIP: Sign up for an Eagle Tour at one of the state parks and dress warm-really!
  • Eagles Et Cetera Festival at DeGray Lake State Park Jan. 4-26.
Fun Facts: 
  • live up to 30 years in wild
  • females larger than males; 
  • strong swimmers
  • mate for life until one dies
  • build large nests (5' wide x 3' tall)-add to these year after year 
  • largest nest on record weighed 2 tons

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