Wild Woman: Benefits of Bats

Wild Woman: Benefits of Bats

They can eat almost their full body weight in insects each night (that's an equivalent of a human eating 50 pizzas!).
Mosquitoes can turn an enjoyable night outside into a miserable situation.

If you've tried bug sprays, garden misters or just avoiding your yard at night altogether, there could be a better way to fight mosquitoes.

Bats are beneficial when it comes to getting rid of mosquitoes. Bats can eat almost their full body weight in insects each night. That's equal to a human eating 50 pizzas!

Bats in North America eat millions of pounds of insects every night. It's a huge help to farmers and homeowners.

Simply put, bats are built-in pest control.

How can I help/attract bats?
  • Buy or build a bat house. Place it on a pole at least 15 feet above the ground; it needs to receive at least 7 hours of sunlight; crevices in house should be no larger than ¾ inch; house needs a landing strip especially for pups that are still learning to fly/land. One house can hold 100 bats! 
  • Click here for more information on bat houses.
Why have some caves been closed to the public in AR?
A low level of the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in bats has been detected in two private north Arkansas caves. The disease is associated with massive
bat mortality in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic United States. White-nose syndrome is thought to be transmitted primarily from bat to bat or substrate to bat, but fungal spores may be inadvertently carried to caves by humans on clothing and caving gear. The syndrome is not known to pose a threat to humans, pets or livestock.

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