What Can Be Done About Diabetic Neuropathy?

What Can Be Done About Diabetic Neuropathy?

What Can Be Done If You Have Diabetic Neuropathy

There�s a lot you can do to prevent or delay nerve damage. And, if you already have diabetic neuropathy, these steps can prevent or delay further damage and may lessen your symptoms.

  • Keep your glucose levels in your target range
  • Meal planning, physical activity and medications, if needed, all can help you reach your target range
  • Use a blood glucose meter to help you make decisions about day-to-day care
  • Get an A1C test (a lab test) at least twice a year to find out your average blood glucose for the past 2 to 3 months
  • Report all possible signs of diabetic neuropathy
  • If you have problems, get treatment right away. Early treatment can help prevent more problems later on. For example, if you take care of a foot infection early, it can help prevent amputation.
  • Take good care of your feet. Check your feet every day. If you no longer feel pain in your feet, you might not notice a foot injury. Instead, use your eyes to look for problems. Use a mirror to see the bottoms of your feet. Use your hands to feel for hot or cold spots, bumps or dry skin. Look for sores, cuts or breaks in the skin. Also, check for ingrown toenails and toenail infections.
  • Wear shoes and socks that fit well and wear them all the time.
  • Get special shoes if needed.
  • Be careful with exercising. Some physical activities are not safe for people with neuropathy. Talk with a diabetes clinical exercise expert who can guide you.

Source: American Diabetes Association

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