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Wendy's Parenting Picks: Baby Feeding Tips

Wendy Suares explains how you can save a bit of money when it's time to wean the babies off formula and start on baby food.
Wendy Suares gives great tips for parents who are now exploring the world of baby food.

Pureeing fruits and vegetables is a great way to save on baby food.  Any leftovers can be frozen into small ice tray like containers.  This way when it is time to use them, the food is in an individual serving and ready to go.

Using bibs with pockets during meal times can help prevent larger messes, because when feeding babies you will always have some cleaning to do afterwards. The pockets help catch food that may be falling or flying.

Sometimes getting your child to eat might be harder, because they are easily distracted by things like the spoon you use while feeding.  Try giving them something to occupy their hands making it easier for you to feed them without the reaching and grabbing of utensils.
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