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Web Extra: Duck Commander to Make 1-Millionth Duck Call

Proceeds go to charity.
WEST MONROE, LA (KTVE) -- This week, the Duck Commander store is celebrating it's one millionth duck call of the year -- and it's being designated to help charity.
On Thursday morning, Phil Robertson will assemble the classic commander duck call at the store.

"We were thinking about it, and I'm not sure we've even built a million duck calls for the last 35 years," said Phil's son, Alan Robertson. "Maybe we hit that within the last couple of years, but to be close to that on our whole career building duck calls, and then in one year to be able to pull that off is really just a miracle to make that happen."

Phil will sign the millionth duck call, put it in a glass case, and donate it to an internet auction that will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project by the Northeast Louisiana Veterans Association.

"Having the one millionth of something that actually built the Duck Dynasty....having that even associated with what we're doing is an honor," said John Nolan, Jr. with NELVA.
Alan says their family is excited to help a local cause.

"Si was our military guy. He was 25 years in the military," said Alan. "So, that tuned us in even more because of his commitment and involvement. But we've always, in our spirit and our soul, been behind the guys that defend our country."

The one-millionth duck call happens to be the original, wooden duck call -- one of the first they ever made.

"Every duck call that's been built up until now has been put together here, tested here, made to sound like a duck. And the million that have been built this year have the same quality," said Alan. "Every duck call has to be put together, has to be blown to make sure it sounds like whatever duck we're trying to represent.....We're committed to that because that's our core. Duck Commander is still Duck Commander.  Even though now of course we're kind of famous for other stuff...Duck Commander is still the core."

The auction for the one-millionth duck call will take place online, details to come soon.
NELVA takes wounded veterans on an all-expense-paid hunting trip each year. They're also working on turning the nursing home in Bastrop into apartment living for veterans.

This year, Nolan says they plan on bringing caregivers and spouses along for the hunt. They'll be pampered for the day in the Twin Cities while the veterans go on their hunt. PTSD service dogs will also ride along for the hunt.
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