Web Extra: Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Found Dead in Prison

Web Extra: Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Found Dead in Prison

Ohio prison officials say he committed suicide overnight.
ORIENT, OH (NBC News) - The man convicted of kidnapping three girls and holding them captive inside his Cleveland home for nearly ten years was found dead in his prison cell Tuesday night.

Just a month after Ariel Castro was sentenced to life in prison plus a thousand years, the 53-year-old was found hanged inside his prison cell at the correction reception center in Orient, Ohio.

News of his death came in a late-night statement from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.

According to the prison, Castro was being housed in protective custody in a cell by himself and was monitored every 30-minutes by guards.

Prison medical staff attempted life-saving measures before transporting Castro to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead at 10:52 p.m. local time.

The prison has promised a full review of the death, but Castro's attorney Craig Weintraub says he too will work to find out what really happened.

"Well if it's anything but a suicide or it is a suicide we're gonna get to the bottom of it. We're not gonna let this go especially in light of the fact that it's been 30-days and I think he's been at Orient for possibly only two weeks," said Weintraub.

Time, his attorney says, where Castro should have been better protected from others and from himself.

"I understand that the public in general is probably gonna say "good riddance" but this is a human being and we are a civilized society and we expect that the person will be protected when they are institutionalized," Weintraub said.

According to their attorney, the three girls Castro held captive for nearly a decade will not comment about his death and neither will the prosecutor's office who accepted his "guilty" plea in exchange for not seeking the death penalty.
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