Web Extra: A Look Inside the Arkansas Foodbank

Web Extra: A Look Inside the Arkansas Foodbank

The hunger relief agency stores tons of food in its huge warehouse.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - KARK is teaming up with the Arkansas Foodbank to feed the hungry in our state and everyone's invited to give whatever they can in our day-long donation drive, "Food 4 the Holidays." 

Through 11:00 tonight, you can call in your donation or do it online right now.

Click here to make an online donation.

To donate by phone, call (501) 340-4922 during all KARK newscasts (5:00, 6:00 & 10:00).

Thank you to anyone who is able to give and Happy Holidays from KARK.

Hunger Facts from the Arkansas Foodbank:
Arkansas ranks first in senior hunger, first in severe hunger, sixth in child hunger and second overall in the entire nation. 

If you haven’t seen the people lining up 24 hours before they open the doors at Crosspoint Ministries’ parking lot in Beebe you haven’t really yet seen the face of hunger in Arkansas. There are children in our state who go 18-20 hours without food and then are expected to thrive in a classroom. There are elderly in this state that are forced to choose between food or medicine; heat for their home or groceries for the week. 

There are many causes of hunger, many working poor among the hungry, and the face of hunger has no single color. Hunger is a crisis that affects everyone. 

Crime, unemployment, health and health care are all related to hunger. You can draw a straight line from many, many social problems back to this one root cause.

1 in 5 Arkansans face food insecurity. The rate for children and seniors is higher. 1 in 4 children and seniors do not know where their next meal is coming from.

About the Arkansas Foodbank
Except for government aid, The Foodbank is the No. 1 source of hunger aid in the State of Arkansas. The Foodbank is on track to distribute 20 million pounds of food in 2013. (16 million in 2012)

The Foodbank supplies 300 hunger relief agencies with high quality food like you would get from the grocery store. There is no difference. Agencies include food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and childhood feeding and afterschool/backpack feeding programs

A donation to the Foodbank helps the pantries in your community. Every dollar in donations means 6 meals for hungry people.

The Foodbank can stretch a dollar because of economies of scale and donations of food and money; a $20 donation during the telethon can feed a family of four for two weeks.

The Foodbank is wonderfully efficient: 96 cents of every dollar goes to programs to feed the hungry

With a 73,000-sq-ft warehouse in Little Rock, and branch warehouses in Warren and Caddo Valley (that serve as pick up sites for nearby agencies), it serves a 33-county area in central and south Arkansas.

The Foodbank serves more than 23,000 people every week and the numbers are growing because of the state of the economy and the rising price of food.

The Foodbank trains food pantry volunteers, inspects pantries for food safety and security, and provides other services for the agencies that deal directly with the hungry.
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