War Memorial Stadium Neighbors Benefit from Hogs Game

War Memorial Stadium Neighbors Benefit from Hogs Game

People who live around the stadium charge for fans to park in their yards.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- When the Hogs charge into the Capital City, the spectators come near and far just to watch them put on a show.

But there's no running on Buddy Wornock's yard lines, created with a ruler and some flour to make parking spaces for fans.

"From the street to the house is two cars, then across the front is 11 cars. Twenty two cars," Wornock said.

Hosting cars and trucks started way back in the '50s, shortly after the stadium opened.

"They just needed more parking for people and we found out we could get 50 cents a car," Wornock said.

Now it's $25 to use a corner of Wornock's landscape, on which he can fit 42 cars. That's pretty profitable when it's two games a year just a few blocks away.

"I say I'm paying my taxes, property taxes, but you can use it for whatever," Wornock said.

Wornock said his property is the most accessible. The folks who park in the front have to hand over their keys just in case the fans behind them need to leave early.

"I'll move a car and let them out," he said.  "Everybody wants to leave early, especially if they lose."

It's a win each time for Wornock though, even if prepping the yard for parking is hard work. It pays off big time when you're getting green for green.

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