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Voters Approve Taxes to Fund New Yell Co. Jail

Voters approved taxes to fund and operate a new jail in Yell County.
DANVILLE, AR - Voters approved taxes Tuesday evening to fund and operate a new jail in Yell County.

According to The Courier, the two measures passed with roughly 58-percent of the vote. It's a vote law enforcement greatly appreciates.

"We've been out of compliance for many years here in Yell County with our jails," Yell County Judge Mark Thone said.

A portion of the one cent increase to sales tax will go toward the construction of a new jail to be paid off over the next 16 years.

A quarter of that cent, according to Thone, will cover operation and maintenance costs, which will be an ongoing expense.

The current facilities were built before the state's jail standards were put in place, so the Dardanelle and Danville jails are not in compliance with those standards.

Over the last year, an inmate escaped from the Dardanelle facility and the one in Danville was put on probation for not being up to code.

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