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Volunteers Piece Arkansas' Nativity Scene Together By Hand

LITTLE ROCK, AR- A staple of the Arkansas holiday tradition, the nativity scene went up this morning on the south corner of the state capitol.
Volunteers have pieced together the labor of love since 1948.

"It's the foundation to preserve and promote the nativity," said Judy Beard. "We put this up to carry on this Arkansas tradition."

The statues that go into the stable volunteers make is bolted, and hammered together.

"They were hand carved by Arkansas artists," said Beard. "It takes anywhere from half a day to a day depending on the amount of volunteers."

Volunteers who unloaded the truck donated by a local moving company who not only unloaded the statues.

"We stay and help put it up and that's part of it," said Joey Brooks. "My eldest son Cody helps me."

Brooks added that people driving by might not know how much work is involved in setting the scene up.

As they hammered away Jim Beard added, "I don't know how to explain it you just feel great about putting it together," he said. "One of my favorite parts is sometimes we drive by late at night, and to see a family with a mother and a child here looking at it? That's my favorite part."

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