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Vilonia Schools Could Spend Hundreds of Thousands on Security Upgrade

Leaders say their current system is outdated.
You can never be too safe.
VILONIA, AR -- More than half a million dollars could be spent on security cameras within the Vilonia School District.

Monday, the board began discussion on the matter.

The superintendent presented a plan to overhaul the cameras at each of the district's five campuses. The price tag is $589,000.

Vilionia school leaders say the current system is about six years old, and just like any piece of technology, it needs to be upgraded.

Superintendent Frank Mitchell says new technology on the market provides a better eye to monitor campus activity.

"They are just a lot better quality pictures and you can zoom in and out to identify someone from a longer distance," Mitchell said.

The board decided to table the issue to the next board meeting, allowing for more research on cost and funding options.

Mitchell said cost is a major concern because the district is in the process of building a new school.

Some parents are pleased any effort to upgrade security is being considered.

"You can never be too safe," said parent Julia Willey. "I know living in a small town, we always take safety for granted, but with things going on everywhere, it could never hurt to be safe.

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