Video: Wedding Ring Stolen While Woman Suffers Seizure

Video: Wedding Ring Stolen While Woman Suffers Seizure

When a woman in North Little Rock suffered a seizure some people came to help.  But someone else stole her wedding ring.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Police officers see a lot.  But they will never tell you they've seen it all.
Case-in-point: a woman went down suffering from a seizure at the North Little Rock city services building last Friday.

Some people came to her aid, but someone else went to her side to steal from her.  The crook took her wedding ring while she was passed out, and whole incident was caught on surveillance video.

"I just don't know why someone would do that," said victim Sonya Gibbs.

Gibbs is a nurse who spent 15 years helping other people through difficult times.

Last Friday, she was the one who needed help after collapsing while waiting to pay her utility bill.

"The last thing I remember, I was in line and I know I had a seizure," Gibbs said.

Surveillance video shows Gibbs lying on the floor while people gather around.  They appear to be helping, but police say Gibbs was about to become a victim.
At one point, you can see a woman take off her bracelet and place it in Gibbs' purse.  Police say Gibbs' wedding band and diamond ring were also removed.
When Gibbs finally regained consciousness, she realized something was missing.

"My watch and my band were in the purse, but there was no ring," Gibbs said

North Little Rock Police looked at the video and say it doesn't show who ended up with the ring that's valued at $1,700. 

"It's worth a whole lot more than that to me," Gibbs said.  "It's priceless to me." 

Gibbs says her husband assures her the ring can be replaced, but she does have a message to the person who took advantage of her.

"The lord will be the final judge, and that's who they'll have to answer to," she said.

NLR Police say they'll continue to analyze the video.

They are looking for a woman seen suspiciously hurrying away from the scene after the crime.
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