Video Released of Garland County Inmate's Escape, Suspect Still Free

Video Released of Garland County Inmate's Escape, Suspect Still Free

Garland County Sheriff's Department releases video of a man escaping from the detention center.
GARLAND COUNTY, AR -- A manhunt is still underway at this hour  for a Garland County inmate who escaped a day and a half ago, and now we have incredible video that shows just how the  escape was possible.

Deputies say Derrick Estell was in jail for 26 charges including aggravated robbery, theft and fleeing, so they say this is a guy who's likely on the loose with a weapon and should be considered very dangerous.

Surveillance video shows Estell on the phone in the booking area.

Investigators say as deputies helped another inmate -- also accused in plotting this escape plan -- Estell jumped over the counter and crawled out a sliding glass window with a deputy right behind him.

Then, the two ran out the front door of the detention center.

A woman -- waiting in a car nearby -- picked up Estell and they sped away.

Investigators later found the get-away car, so they're not sure what Estell's driving, where he's headed or if he's even still in the county.

If you see him, call 911.

Deputy Scott Hinojosa said, "All of our prior dealings with Mr. Estell, he had a firearm and we ask the public if they do see Mr. Estell, don't take matters into their own hands."

Detectives say Tamara Upshaw is a key player in this escape.

We're told she's the one who drove the get-away car that Estell hopped into as a deputy chased him down.

The deputy tried to bust open the passenger side window, but still couldn't grab Estell.

The inmate who distracted deputies as Estell made a run for it has been charged with assisting in the escape.

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