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Veteran's Widow One Step Closer To Getting Benefits

Military families continue to struggle to get the benefits they feel are owed to them, but one widow's fight has come to the attention of elected officials.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- On New Years Day we spoke to a veteran's widow trying to get benefits after her husband died.

Since then she's finally got a response, and attention from elected officials.

Viola Jones is having to fight the Veterans Affairs office and a debilitating disease suffering from ALS.

Jones was being denied widow benefits despite her husbands service.

We brought our questions on the situation to Congressman Tom Cotton.

"It's very important, as a congressman, that we care for the people who bore the battle the most, and their widows, and orphans, and family members, and themselves when they're back," said Cotton.

The story got the attention of numerous other elected officials and advocates, and soon after Jones received a new letter in the mail.

It read, for the first time, that the VA admitted her husband served and she was owed those benefits.

Without our elected officials stepping in, she said, she believes her issue would still be unresolved instead of on the way to being worked out.

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