Update: Return to Arkansas Children's Hospital for Zack Towers

Update: Return to Arkansas Children's Hospital for Zack Towers

Injured Star City football player had complications from fever, needed fluids on Monday.
Zack Towers has made a brief return to Arkansas Children's Hospital after a fever pushed up his heart rate.

The injured Star City football player, who remains in a coma, but is now recovering at home, had complications from a fever on Monday.

The following post on Facebook Monday described what happened:
I think Zackie is going to be ok.. He's had a fever over the last couple of days and its caused him to lose a lot of fluids..he's on his second bag of fluids now and heart rate is coming down! Wouldn't think of him needing xtra fluids on top of 2500 cc of his tube feeding and water.. But drs said he's a big boy and when he has fever, he loses lots of fluids! We r to add pedialyte to feedings thru tube for 24 hrs and see how he does. Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern! We r waiting on ambulance now to go back home!

Zack's brother Ty Towers posted the following Monday night on the family's Twitter page:
Zack lost a lot of fluids this week so they took him back to ACH for checkup, he is on his way back home now. Thanks for continued prayers!

The Towers family has reported via social media that Zack continues to move around a lot and make facial expressions. He has been in a coma since November.

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