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Update: Kid President's New Song to Benefit AR Charity

An Arkansas charity focused on helping the homeless is getting a little help from an internet sensation.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- You may remember, viral video star Kid President is assisting a local homeless outreach group.

Now he is getting some help from the people behind "Auto-tune the News".

Kid President and the Gregory Brothers have a new video called "The World Can Be Better".

The song is made up of auto-tuned clips of Kid President's memorable Youtube quotes.

Half of the proceeds from the sale of the song will go toward the construction of a shelter for homeless people in Little Rock that is being constructed by the outreach group "The Van".

Click here to check out the new video.

Click here for more from Kid President.

Click here to see how you can help The Van.

Original Story:

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- An Arkansas charity focused on helping the homeless is getting a little help from an internet sensation.
It's all part of the effort to raise money to build a shelter for homeless women in Central Arkansas.
If you haven't heard of Kid President -- you're missing out.  His videos are both funny and inspirational.

Now he's using his worldwide audience to help the homeless, and he's zeroed in on central Arkansas.

Kid President has dubbed the latest effort "Socktober."  He's calling for a million people to donate socks and other necessities to help the homeless in their communities.   
In the middle of a video explaining the new campaign, Kid President puts the spotlight on central Arkansas and a non-profit operation called The Van.
Its volunteers are mobile, working in several cities to provide services for the homeless.
The organization is now looking to build a home to house women they find on the streets, and Kid President gave the project a shout out seen by people all across the world.
"We want to build a special place for homeless women in Little Rock, Arkansas," Kid President exclaims.

After the video posted donations to The Van started coming in from all over the world.

The "Socktober" video already has more than 40,000 YouTube, and its only been up since Thursday.
The Van's founder, Aaron Reddin, says they've received about $4,000 dollars in donations since then.

The goal is to raise $160,000 for supplies.  Reddin says they already have volunteers on board to do the work building the shelter.

You may be wondering how Kid President picked central Arkansas of all places.  Turns out, Kid President's brother is old friends with Reddin.  They hadn't been in contact since Kid President became a YouTube star.  Recently, Reddin got a phone call saying the brother and Kid President wanted to help.
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