UPDATE: Discussing The Future of the Saline County Sheriff

UPDATE: Discussing The Future of the Saline County Sheriff

The Saline County Quorum Court talks about a resolution to declare a vacancy in the sheriff's department.
SALINE COUNTY, AR -- The Saline County Sheriff is back in the spotlight as the quorum court continues discussing his future.

The sheriff recently pleaded guilty to public intoxication and resisting arrest.
Sheriff Bruce Pennington announced his retirement -- for a second time -- on Friday.

Today the court was supposed to declare the vacancy in the sheriff's department, but since the meeting was not published in the local paper, the quorum court could not  vote.

Members did, however, talk about an investigation into the sheriff's department and an ordinance to make it illegal for an elected official or employee to drive a county car once convicted of an alcohol or drug related offense.

Justice of the Peace Josh Mesker says, "Well, obviously it hasn't been very good publicity. What I think is important to understand and recognize is that it's a long road and I know it's been a long road for everybody, but it's almost over."

Mesker says when Sheriff Pennington retires from office next month, the court will appoint a new sheriff to finish off the term.

The quorum court will meet again Monday night.

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