Update: Comatose Star City Footballer Zack Towers Communicates with Family

Update: Comatose Star City Footballer Zack Towers Communicates with Family

Holds up fingers in response to questions.
A Star City High School football player who's been in a coma for more than five months may not yet be awake but his family says he is communicating with them

That's according to the following post today on the Facebook page "Prayers for Zack Towers:"
"For the first time since November 1, 2012, i communicated with my son last night and this morning. I told Zack to hold up one finger for "yes" and 5 fingers for "no". I would ask him a question like....Zack do u feel good.. And he held up clearly one finger. I asked him if he was happy and he held up one finger. Once we started that, he used our little number system the rest of the night. So good to communicate back and forth with him. He is counting to 5 on his fingers so good now. God really has his hand upon Zack. The Bible tells us that through our faith we are healed.....so many prayers for Zack backed by true faith has got us here today, but still a long way to go. Thank you to everyone for remembering us and continuing to pray for us."

The post also states:
"Zack update: Zack had a really good night. Slight temp around midnight but doing really well. He seems happy and enjoys listening to his music. He also enjoys people talking to him. He really can let you know what he is thinking by his reactions."

Zack has been unconscious since he collapsed on the field from a head injury during a game on November 1st.

The family's Facebook page has more than 23,700 followers, many of whom have posted that they are praying for Zack's recovery.
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