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Tree Limb Falls on Camper in Pope County, Man Dies

It happened north of Dover during the winter storm.
POPE COUNTY, AR -- In Pope County, a man dies after a limb falls onto his camper.

Pope County investigators identify the man as Boyd Roundy.

Deputies said the weight of the ice on limbs played a role in his death.

It broke and landed onto the camper in the bedroom area where Roundy was asleep.

Neighbors said they didn't know him but knew he drove trucks and stayed out here near Dover temporarily.

They said trees fall all the time especially in this weather.

"It just looks like dominoes were stacked exactly wrong for him. Few feet one way or another the guy may still be alive," William Harrison said.

Neighbors said they had only seen Roundy in the area for a few months.

Investigators said his relatives are out of state.

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