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Traffic Headache Throughout Central Arkansas

The ice is to blame for all the sliding and stalling on streets and interstates.
PULASKI COUNTY, AR -- A rough time for drivers to get to work Tuesday morning.

Highway 100 was just one of the traffic headaches during rush hour.

Drivers said it took them more than two hours to get onto I-430.

The ice is to blame for the traffic tie up and several accidents in the metro area.

Patches of ice remain on the road, but some commuters said they don't believe it called for all the back up.

"I just can't grasp what's going on to be honest with you. But it's okay.  At least we made it, right? We got out of the house and we're not frozen," said Shane Dollar.

Drivers said the commute was not bad Monday, but with students going back on Tuesday morning, that made way for more traffic.

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