Thousands Lose Power During Cold Weather Snap

Thousands Lose Power During Cold Weather Snap

The cold weather costs thousands electricity Monday as Entergy struggles to meet demand.
HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, AR--A spokesperson for Entergy Arkansas says extremely low temperatures are responsible for knocking out power for thousands Monday.

The company says 9,000 customers were in the dark due to load issues. That means too many people were using too much electricity.

In Garland county a transformer tripped to prevent damage to the system and that put roughly 5,000 people in Hot Springs Village in the cold.

"We are not built to withstand on a daily basis temperatures in 18 degrees so that is definitely a load issue ,a weather issue because we in Arkansas are not experiencing temperatures like this on daily basis" says Entergy spokesperson Sally Graham.

Entergy staggers restoration to get everyone online safely. They expect power to be restored to most affected by Monday night.
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