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The Second Shopping Season of the Holidays is Here

Retailers are ready for the post holiday rush of shoppers.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - As Christmas has come to a close, retailers around the Natural State are preparing for the returns, gift card buys, and even the post holiday sales.  Target in Little Rock had lines of people waiting to begin the second shopping season of Christmas.

Shay Champ said, "Return, return, return."

"Half of the toys my little girl got don't work, or I didn't like what I got, so I am returning so I can get something different."

Danton Gibeson works for Target he said Thursday had a lot of gift card buys, "We did have a line when we opened, but a lot of them were coming in for electronic purchases to redeem gift cards and different things like that."

Some smaller, local stores followed the bigger retailers by opening their doors on December 26th.  Haus Werk in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock used discounts on Christmas items to lure customers.  It was a plan that seemed to work.

Haus Werk manager, Julie Chrisman said, "We had people following us in this morning."

"It's been pretty steady all day long, lots of people."

 "We were worried that we would miss out on a bunch of sales. People are eager to shop the Christmas merchandise that we've marked down."
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