The Hogs Losing Means Winning for Some in Central AR

The Hogs Losing Means Winning for Some in Central AR

A local dealership is giving away 12 cars in 12 months because Hogs lose all conference games.
SHERWOOD, AR -- A local businessman is paying off his wager by giving away 12 cars in 12 months. 

In August, Frank Fletcher said if the Arkansas Razorback football team didn't win an SEC game, he would give away a dozen cars. 

Staying true to his word, the first winner was chosen Friday. Sherwood's Rebecca Tyler will get the keys to a brand new SUV. 

"It's the first thing I've ever won in my life, the first thing," Tyler said. "I thought my husband was lying to me when he called me."

This wager also proved to be a boost in business for Fletcher's car dealership.

"It's been a real buzz," Fletcher said. "And today we've probably sold more cars than we ever have, not probably, we've sold more cars than we ever have since we've been open."

Fletcher believed more than 50 cars were sold on Friday, the day of the first drawing.

He added the publicity is priceless.

"I'm really excited about it, and I'm looking forward to the next 11, because this is going to be something that's going to be talked about all year, it's not a one time deal," he said.

To register for the next drawing, all you have to do is stop in Fletcher Dodge in Sherwood.

As for a bet next year, Fletcher's not ready for that wager, but if the Hogs were to go undefeated, he said, "I'd give away a lot more than 12."
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