Man Finds Shadow Box with Military Ribbons & Medals; Looking for Owner

Man Finds Shadow Box with Military Ribbons & Medals; Looking for Owner

Community Members try to find the rightful owners of a shadow box with military medals, ribbons, chevrons and a flag.
BENTON, AR- Imagine walking home and finding a box filled with military ribbons and medals on the side of the road. What do you do with it? It happened to one Central Arkansas man who decided to take action.

Fred Wray with the Veterans Service Office of Saline County said the man brought him the shadow box Wednesday, hoping he could locate the man it belongs to.

The shadow box has chevrons of Air Force rankings, medals, ribbons, and a possible casket flag, indicating this person may have passed away, according to Wray.

"It wasn't even dirty when he brought it in, so it couldn't have been out long," said Wray.

Since he received it, Wray has spent time on the phone and online trying to locate the person it belongs to.

"There was one person by that last name in the phone book, we called them but never got an answer," said Wray.

Among the medals, ribbons, rankings and flag this case proudly displays, it also has a name, Lawrence W. Grooms. The name engraved on a gold plaque states an appreciation for the Master Sergeant who served 22 years in the United States Air Force.

"The fact that he has a folded flag in there indicates that a member of the family had put that in there after he passed away. So I'm sure there's a good story there, we just don't know anything about it," says Wray.

So Wray contacted KARK, to help get the word out. Reporter Susanne Brunner made some calls, and even went door knocking where she got ahold of a couple of families with the same last name, but no luck.

It's still unclear though how a military hero's life documented achievements, ended up on the side of a road.

"Maybe it blew off a truck, you know it's hard for me to believe that anyone would throw that away," says Wray. "Some family member would love to have that back I'm sure."

If you know who this belongs to, please let us know!

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