Benton Man Has Questions After Police Shoot His Dog

Benton Man Has Questions After Police Shoot His Dog

A man upset with how police responded to his four dogs in vicious fight.
BENTON, AR -- Animal Control and police responded to a vicious dog attack Tuesday, which ended with one dog being shot and later euthanized.

Now the dog's owner, Randy Ward, is speaking out against police, saying they should've handled the situation differently and is looking for answers.

Ward said he wasn't home when his neighbor called 911 to report his four dogs were fighting, three of them specifically attacking and seriously injuring the other dog.

"It's like somebody just came in and shot one of my kids," Ward said. "I'm upset, I think it could've been handled in a more professional way, and he wouldn't have had to shoot my dog."

Benton Police said they went to Ward's home after a 911 call came in about his four dogs, a mastiff and three dobermans, fighting in the front yard. When police tried to separate the injured dog from the others, police said one of the dogs started to attack the Animal Control Officers.

"The officer had no choice but to discharge his weapon toward the dog, one time," said Lt. Kevin Russell, Benton Police Department.

"If they hadn't come into the yard, they could've used a tranquilizer gun, or if they would've just had some way of calling the fire department and spray water on them," Ward said.

It's one of the ways Ward says works when breaking up a fight between his dogs.

Ward's neighbor Theresa Dennie has seen the dogs fight before, but not to this extent. So she picked up the phone and called 911.

"It was very bad. It was something from a Stephen King Cujo movie," Dennie said. "His mouth was clamped on his throat and then he started draggin him through the yard."

While the injured dog is now back home, he's still recovering from puncture wounds and cuts. While it's proof it's not playful, Ward assures his dogs are not vicious.

"These dogs have never showed any aggression to any people. People come by and pet them and give them treats," Ward said.

Ward plans on talking to police soon. Police said they had to act on the dog who started attacking officers.
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