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Store Manager Drives Around, Posts Road Condition Updates on Facebook

The store manager for Allen's Foods has logged more than 200 miles in his truck since the snow and ice rolled in.
BELLA VISTA, AR -- The store manager for Allen's Foods has logged more than 200 miles in his truck since the snow and ice rolled in.

So this "unofficial road expert" took his own driving experiences to Facebook, offering updates and reports on city road conditions to the thousands who see his page everyday.

"It's my neighborhood I make my living here taking care of these folks, taking care of their needs. It's just a huge way for me to give back to the community," said Morrow.

Steve Morrow said the idea came to him after spending time making food deliveries and picking up employees around town. The first "Allen's Driving Conditions Report" was posted Thursday afternoon, outlining roads that he had just driven and came with the disclaimer, "Very unofficial weather warning." It was shared 87 times.

"I can instantly get some information out that may not be out yet and I did. I didn't have any idea it would mushroom into what it has," he said.

Morrow isn't the only one updating the page. It's become a collective forum for the Bella Vista community to receive information.

"As my employees get there, I ask them where they're coming from and get their observations," said Morrow. "I'd say it's been about 25 percent my information about 75 percent other folks'," said Morrow.

Since then, he's sent out detailed street write ups, some with pictures, seven times on the page. Morrow even shared his story of getting his own four-wheel-drive Frontier stuck while out picking up employees. He posted a picture of the tow receipt saying, "

"I think it's one of the greatest things we can do right now. I would have never had the ability to do that, even two or three years ago. I just felt like somebody needed to do it. I knew we could be a clearing house for information," said Morrow.

Customers of the store have responded by posting their own street updates, turning the wall of this grocery store Facebook page into a community forum on road conditions. Morrow says he keeps an eye on the comments made to make sure they're as accurate as possible but he's glad people have a way to exchange the information and keep each other safe.

Morrow adds, "Nothing better for a sense of community."
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