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Special Report: Jerry Jones' Journey from North Little Rock to Dallas

Jerry Jones sits down to talk about his early life in Arkansas and his love for the Razorbacks.
...but there was no place for me but to be a Razorback.
ARLINGTON, TX - Jerry Jones' journey is one that might be unexpected. He was raised in North Little Rock and graduated from NLR High School. 

He remembers his boyhood home as one you could see as you landed in Little Rock.

"I'm always looking down there, and I can see some of the old trees that I put a scar on, or something like that going about," he said. "Those were happy days for me, real happy days."

In February of 1989, Jerry Jones bought a professional football team.  It was one that would become known as America's team, but it was his first professional choice. 

"I probably would have been a coach, but I was too greedy. I looked at what coach's made, and I said I don't wanna live a life with just earnings at that level. Had I known what I'm paying them today, I might have been a coach."

A decision to be an owner that was worked well.  Jerry and his Cowboys have three Super Bowl titles, and this franchise has become one of the most profitable in all of pro sports, but there are times when the road to success leads you back home.

"When I signed Deion Sanders, I gave him a bonus that was an unfathomable amount of money for me," he said. "Before I did it, I flew back to North Little Rock, went out, walked down the street where I grew up, Saunders Drive, walked around some of the places that I put circulars in the door, just to see if I'd lost my mind. Went back to Dallas, said, 'That was then this is now, and I'm going for it.'"

Even with his brand new AT&T Stadium, Jerry will always have a soft spot for Arkansas, especially Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville. 

"I would spend Saturday with my ear up against that radio," he said. "The Razorbacks weren't on television in the late 50's and early 60's, and they were the only team, we had no professional team."

But that boyhood love for the Hogs, became something more. 

"LSU offered me a scholarship, and Missouri, but Coach Broyles had just gotten to the University, but there was no place for me but to be a Razorback," he said.

A good decision to go to the U of A, Jerry was made a team captain, helping lead Arkansas to a national title. 

Despite the billions of dollars and success of the Cowboys, Jerry believes he never would have gotten there if it weren't for central Arkansas. 

"The lessons and information that I gained around that kitchen table I use every day," he said.

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