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Special Report: Inside Samantha Olson's Murder Investigation

Detectives are still searching for the man who killed Samantha Olson on Aug. 14.
We're just hoping eventually one of those will lead to the arrest of the person responsible for this.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Two and a half months, and there's still no arrest in the murder of a young mother killed in broad daylight.

Someone shot Samantha Olson at a busy North Little Rock intersection with her baby daughter in the backseat.

Seventy-nine days. That's how long lead detective Gary Jones has been searching for her killer.

"We're still getting a few phone calls from the public," he said.

He says tips are crucial at this point in the Olson investigation. On average, about one comes in a day.

"We're just hoping eventually one of those will lead to the arrest of the person responsible for this," Jones said.

Help from the public is so important because evidence is scarce, and a description on the suspect is very vague.

All police know right now is that he may be a light-skinned African American or Hispanic.

Investigators also know the suspect was in a maroon F-150 Supercrew Cab truck. He drove that truck going westbound on McCain as Olson was driving east on Aug. 14.

Police say he shot Olson somewhere near the intersection of JFK and McCain. Olson's car came to a rest close by, but the suspect kept on driving.

Jones says he's looked at hundreds of trucks matching the description in Pulaski County, but so far, nothing.

Right now, Olson's murder appears to be random.

Police don't think someone targeted her for any reason.

So the question remains why it happened. Hopefully, the answer will one day be known.

"Well it's very important," Jones said. "If this was your family member or friend you would hope information would come forward."

If you know anything about the murder of Samantha Olson, call the North Little Rock Police Tip Line at 501-680-8439.

There's a reward of more than $11,000 leading to an arrest and conviction.

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