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Smoke Detector Saves Bryant Family During Devastating Fire

A Bryant family is without a home this evening after a weekend fire destroyed everything they own.
BRYANT, AR -- It's a danger fire officials expect to see more and more as the weather shifts to cooler temperatures.

Fire crews might say it every year, but a working fire detector is what officials say is responsible for keeping seven kids from getting hurt during a weekend fire.

First responders arriving on scene at a home on Quapaw Road in Bryant were confronted with nothing but flames.

"When we arrived, the front porch was fully involved," said Chief J.P. Jordan. "Totally involved."

During the chaos, one of the adults was unaccounted for and was believed to still be in the home.

"Their goal was to find someone first,"Jordan said.

He, however was not inside, but rather visiting friends at the time of the fire.

"It was all done by the time I got here," Mike Parsley said.

Luckily, Jordan said every single member of the three families living at the home were able to get out safely.

"They were alerted by a smoke detector," Jordan said.

Burned tricycles and a little girl's sequin dress were just some of the toys burned belonging to the seven kids who live there.

Their charred possessions now sit on the porch where fire investigators believe the fire began.

These families are now left with nothing.

"Stay with relatives," Parsley said. "Or a motel."

The Bryant community has already started to pitch in, with strangers donating items the victims need to get back on their feet.

"Bryant's very good about that," Jordan said.

"Appreciate everyone of them," Parsley said. "It means more than you even know."

Without a working smoke detector, Jordan said much more could have been lost.

"This is very unfortunate," Jordan said. "But I want to use it as an opportunity to say how important smoke detectors are."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

If you would like information about donating to the family contact Stephanie at 847-3170.

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