Sleeping Bag Donations Pour Into Local Center

Sleeping Bag Donations Pour Into Local Center

Donation drive of sleeping bags a success at Arkansas Dream Center.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- People across the country responding in a big way after a Little Rock non-profit organization asked for help keeping the homeless warm.

When temperatures dip below freezing, it can be brutal being outside even for a few minutes.

But what if you had to sleep in the cold?

That could be deadly.

So, employees at the Arkansas Dream Center wanted to protect the homeless from the low temperatures by handing out 30 degree sleeping bags.

The sleeping bags can keep people warm even in freezing cold temperatures.

But buying the bags cost quite a bit of money, that's why the center employees hit the social media wave.

And in just a day...they received enough donations to pay for 140 sleeping bags.

Money came in everywhere from Ohio to Florida.

Drew Davis with Arkansas Dream Center said, "So these are going to take care of the people most of the time and when it gets as cold as it's getting, there's nothing that's going to do you any good. We'll bring them back in the house, love on them here and give them a good, safe place to stay warm."

The Dream Center opened it's doors on Sunday as a warming center for people living on the streets or those with no heat.

Employees set up cots and blankets in a large heated room to keep everyone warm and safe from the cold.

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