Signs of Fall Already Seen at Northwest Arkansas State Park

Signs of Fall Already Seen at Northwest Arkansas State Park

Subtle changes of nature making the switch to a new season at Hobbs State Park in Rogers.
Summer heat may still be gripping Arkansas, but there are signs of fall in some parts of the Natural State, especially in the northern section.

"You know, the cooling down of the mornings and warming up in the daylight, daytime a little bit will help that beautiful fall color work it's way in," says Mark Clippinger, Superintendent at Hobbs State Park in Rogers.

Transformation in the trees, it's what everyone is eagerly awaiting after such a damaging drought.

"So, as the temperatures cool off, people obviously get more excited," Clippinger says.

It's all about noticing when nature is ready to make the switch from summer to fall.

"We're looking for leaf change, we're looking for animal life that begins to move throughout the park," says Ben Rawles, a seasonal interpreter at Hobbs.

Park officials say there shouldn't be a shortage of food for wildlife.

And Clippinger knows wild animals aren't the only ones ready to take advantage of cooler temps.

"Obviously in the fall, fall camping is great," Clippinger adds. "As the weather changes, whether you hunt, or whether you camp or hike or backpack, whatever your activities are, fishing on Beaver Lake, you know, they're already being planned for that."

And fall fun at the park is already being scheduled.

"Our programming will change slightly to more fall activities," Clippinger says.

A new autumn on the horizon, bringing with it potential relief, restoration and a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

"We're really excited about the opportunities we have as the seasons change," he says.
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