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Severe Weather Possible This Weekend in Arkansas

Many people are keeping an eye on the skies this weekend.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The National Weather Service in Little Rock is watching the radars, looking at the numbers and trying to forecast what will happen in the Natural State over the weekend. 

Also, for days now the KARK 4 weather team has been watching for the possibility of severe weather in Arkansas. 

"Typically we have two seasons every year," Senior Forecaster John Lewis said. "The reasons for that is when we have the clashes of air masses. So this time of year it's the warm air is leaving and the cold air is coming in, in the spring it's just the opposite."

The NWS is also worried about safety because of the time of year.

"The thing that we are concerned about, really with this event, is, you know, we are coming up on Christmas time, a lot of people are going to be out this weekend doing their thing," Lewis said.

Lewis believes the storms could hit one part of Arkansas.

"The southeast half of the state looks like an area prime for severe weather on Saturday," he said.

The NWS warns anyone traveling on Saturday to plan ahead and check the area's forecast. 
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