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Schools Getting Back on Track After Snow Days

Between Christmas break and 7 snow days, some teachers are working hard to get their students back on track.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Between Christmas break and 7 snow days, teachers in Northwest Arkansas are working hard to get their students back on track. And with another round of wintry precipitation on the way, the could be more to come.

"We're very glad to have school back in session," Dr. Marsha Jones, Springdale School District Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction said.

It's back to business for students and teachers Wednesday.

"We've been out for a couple of weeks, sometimes kids will forget exactly what they need to do and when and how, so I know that teachers are getting them settled in," Dr. Jones said.

Settled, yet going full speed ahead in preparing for important standardized tests coming up in March.

"Each teacher will be looking individually at the children and say, who lost skills during this time off, who needs a little bit more support?"

According to the most recent regional report card, Springdale schools benchmark scores are some of the lowest in Northwest Arkansas. So there's extra pressure to prepare.

"The levels of proficiency are very high and so we will see how reachable those goals are as we prepare."

The district is also trying to schedule make up days for before the tests so students have more time to get ready.

"The more opportunity you have for learning, the better opportunity you have to be performing well on the assessment."

While students and staff are getting back their groove -- they'll be doing it with their fingers crossed.

"We hope we don't have any more bad weather and we just have smooth sailing through the spring semester."

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