School Bus Hijacking Suspect has Recent Criminal Charges

School Bus Hijacking Suspect has Recent Criminal Charges

Jacksonville police released three incident reports involving Miller, including one involving a stolen Sherwood PD shotgun and one that occurred nine days ago.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The man police say hijacked a school bus early Thursday morning has had a few other run-ins with the law.

According to incident reports from the Jacksonville Police Department (JPD), officers have dealt with 22-year-old Nicholas John Miller three previous times in 2013, including once in the last ten days, as well as an incident involving the theft of a Sherwood Police Department shotgun.

On May 28, JPD responded to a call of breaking and entering a vehicle, where a woman noticed some things that had been in the passenger side of her husband's vehicle were now on the lawn. She picked them up, thinking he had just dropped them as he was trying to bring them inside, but when she showed them to him later, he noticed a brown knife that wasn't his. The man went to his car to find $400 and his Sherwood PD issued shotgun missing. According to the report, the shotgun was recovered in Lonoke County later that day. Officers lifted three fingerprints from the vehicle, and Miller was arrested and charged with felony theft of property.

Just nine days before the school bus incident, a woman told police Miller was high on methamphetamine and had just assaulted and threatened to kill her if she took his son away. The officer did not observe any injuries on the woman, but told her if Miller could be located within the next four hours they would arrest him for terroristic threatening and third-degree domestic assault, otherwise she would need to go to the prosecutor's office to press charges. The report does not specify whether Miller was ever arrested or charged in relation to this incident.

In early September, Miller was pulled over for having tags displayed incorrectly on the license plate of the car he was driving. After discovering Miller had a warrant out for his arrest, the officer requested a K-9 Unit to conduct a sweep of the vehicle, which subsequently turned up a syringe with residue on it in the center console, according to the report. Miller was arrested on the warrant and for possession of drug paraphernalia.
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