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Satellite Dish Installer Arrested for Sexual Assault of a 3-Year-Old

A satellite dish installer who's expected and trusted to be inside our homes was arrested for sexually assaulting a 3-year-old while on the job.
It makes me angry. It makes me actually want to get out there and get every one of these people off the streets.
FORDYCE, AR -- They don't get on the top of our houses on their own. Many of us aren't adept in their installation, so we depend on and trust the trained professionals with access to our homes to bring us satellite entertainment.

Authorities say one man has abused that trust.

Dallas County Sheriff's Office Investigator Josh McMullen was tasked with arresting the man accused of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old while on the job installing a satellite dish at a home in Fordyce.

"It makes me angry," McMullen remarked. "It makes me actually want to get out there and get every one of these people off the streets."

Jason Donaldson, 33 of Monticello, now faces a second-degree sexual assault charge for an incident allegedly happening earlier in October.

"Our mission is to get people like this off the street," McMullen added. "I don't want somebody that's in that kind of profession going in and out of homes to be out to do something of this nature."

According to State interview narratives, the 3-year-old told a relative that was home at the time "that man made me touch his boy parts."

Reports say the girl told the investigator he made her touch him there with her hands.

While Donaldson seemed to have no prior record, McMullen says it may not have been the first time this man, who's expected to be in our homes, has done something like this.

"It is somewhat likely that it has happened before but with older juveniles," he says.

Donaldson had his first appearance and is out on $25,000 bond.

Authorities say Donaldson worked in Dallas, Drew and some of the surrounding counties.
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