Saline County Sheriff Arrested for Public Intoxication

Saline County Sheriff Arrested for Public Intoxication

BENTON, AR - Benton police officers arrested Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington Saturday night and charged him with public intoxication.

Officers tracked down Pennington, 62, at Denton's Trotline where he was sitting inside a vehicle in the parking lot. They initially responded because of reports of a "very intoxicated individual."

According to a news release, officers tried to convince him not to drive and have someone pick him up.

Benton Police say Pennington became belligerent with officers and was arrested.

Pennington was not placed in jail due to the "unique situation," according to a news release. Instead, he was released to family members.

Pennington was given citations for public intoxication and refusal to submit to arrest.

According to archives, Pennington won reelections in May 2012.

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