Rep. John Burris Previews "Private Option" Vote

Rep. John Burris Previews "Private Option" Vote

House Bill 1143 needs 75 votes to pass.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR - The biggest vote of the legislative session set to take place today after it was delayed on Friday.

This vote is to fund House Bill 1143 that passed the House last Thursday, 62-37. HB 1143 is an alternative to Medicaid expansion which would use federal Medicaid dollars to purchase private insurance for more than 250,000 low-income Arkansans.

House Speaker Davy Carter said the reason for delay was because some of his fellow legislators needed more time to make their decision. Some held town hall meetings on the subject this weekend, while others responded to phone calls and e-mails from constituents.

State Representative John Burris (R-Harrison), chairman of the House Public Health Committee and sponsor of HB 1143, was interviewed by phone this morning to preview the critical vote which needs 75 votes to pass -- 13 more than it managed to get Thursday.

Burris talks about its chances, what he's hearing from legislators this morning, and why he feels this is the best plan for Arkansas moving forward.

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