Renter's Remorse: How to Protect Yourself

Renter's Remorse: How to Protect Yourself

The Better Business Bureau recommends tenants hold out on signing a lease until the property meets their standards.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A mother is demanding her landlord return the deposit on a rental house, after the two spar over upgrades made on the property.

Tiffany Daniels said she paid the landlord $1,800 for rent and the deposit earlier this month on the Dorothy Street house in North Little Rock.

She said the landlord promised to make much-needed repairs that Daniels felt would make the house more livable.

Daniels said the upgrades aren't up to her standards so she wants her money back, even though the lease says she's not entitled to it after signing the document.

The Better Business Bureau said tenants should hold off on signing the lease or offer a partial deposit for protection.

"If you're not very specific and you just leave it to someone else to do it, they can do it to their specifications, and then if it doesn't meet yours and it wasn't in the contract then you lose out," said Mike Rohrer, chief operating officer for Better Business Bureau.

KARK 4 did speak to the landlord, who said she won't return the deposit, stands by the lease and did return a portion of Daniels' money.

Daniels plans to sue.

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