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Recipes in 90 Seconds

Have you ever needed to make a good meal quickly? Our chef Cari Martens shows several quick tips to make your meal less stressful & more delicious!
Chef Cari Martens invites you to several walk-through videos to guide you through each recipe in only 90 Seconds! Not only are the meals easy-to-make, but they are delicious as well. Don't let the time fool you, she assures that a decadent meal doesn't need an entire morning to prepare. She teaches tips & tricks, complementary tastes and time management to help your meal become one to remember. Visit our archive of videos by clicking here, and find your next meal today!

Cari Martens has been a chef with The Food Channel since 2006. In that role, she has been a part of developing hundreds of original recipes as well as working with major food companies to showcase their products. Trained in culinary arts, she graduated from Columbia College in Chicago and has taken continuing education classes at the Culinary Institute of America, in addition to working for a number of years under the tutelage of experienced development chefs.

Proving herself more cook than baker, she says, "Recipes are meant to inspire. In my opinion, they are made to be broken and molded to individual tastes and moods." Those watching her show, then, can be comfortable with taking the recipes she demonstrates and making them their own.

We also display a "Ask the Chef" questions that might help with your next meal. Also, there are countless recipe tips on The Food Channel's Facebook Page or The Food Channel Website.
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