Police Work Through Holidays to Solve LR Homicide

Police Work Through Holidays to Solve LR Homicide

LITTLE ROCK, AR- Little Rock Police are working to get new information in order to solve a Christmas eve shooting that left one man dead.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- "We don't have any additional leads," said Lt. Sidney Allen with LRPD.

He said, despite their best efforts Little Rock Police have come up empty handed in the investigation.

The shooting happened at 1505 Adams street in Little Rock on Tuesday night and left Austin Burks dead.

According to the police report, the victim's girlfriend could not give a good description of the suspect, other than he drove a maroon Nissan maxima south bound on Adams after the shooting.

The victim's family declined an interview as they plan the funeral for the 23-year-old who was shot multiple times including in the head.

Police tell us there's no word yet on whether the shooting was random.

"We don't have any motives at this time," Allen said. "But we're still processing evidence to see what we can develop from that evidence."

Around the holidays the amount of crimes being committed does tend to increase, but it's something Allen said they will work hard to make up for.

"We can't predict when it will happen," he said. "And when it does we will investigate it."

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