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Parents Still Want Answers After Toddler Attacked by Dog

The toddler was mauled by a neighbor's dog last January. His parents want compensation for their son's injuries.
LONDON, AR -- Brayden Wheeler has recovered well almost one year after a dog attack that, just last January, left him with shocking wounds.

"If my kids can't even be safe in their own yard, there's a problem," his mother told us back then.

The attack happened in his own back yard and according to the police report KARK recently obtained, the owners could not provide rabies vaccination records.

"At least I should be notified whether he has rabies or not and whether he's being treated or not," his mother said.

In fact, the police report said the dog was finally quarantined to see if it had rabies only due to "media exposure."

The owner was prosecuted for violating the county's leash laws, but the family wants more done.

"It's like a heartbreak, and I'm furious at the same time," his mother said.

Three weeks after the attack, the dog was vaccinated for rabies and returned to its owner. The family left to heal.

One year later, they're exploring their options legally to see if more could have been done but grateful Brayden survived.

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