Parents Question School District Standard, Claim Student Sent Daughter Explicit Pics

Parents Question School District Standard, Claim Student Sent Daughter Explicit Pics

A central Arkansas family is asking for justice in a school system after their daughter received explicit pictures from an older classmate and football player at the High School. The family says the student still playing ball on Friday nights is a clear double standard.
ARKADELPHIA, AR - "It's a bad thing, man," remarked Richard Zeagler.

As he helps manage his Arkadelphia family business, the safety of a family member of Zeagler's has become a concern for him.

"Oh it's disgusting," he added. "It ain't right. Totally immoral behavior."

Zeagler says his 14-year-old daughter received unwanted, sexual pictures and messages from and was sexually harassed by another 16-year-old high school student on and off campus.

When he found out about it he immediately took his daughter's phone with the pictures to the Clark County Sheriff's Department.

Local law enforcement says the case is under investigation.

Zeagler says this shouldn't end with law enforcement. He thinks the school should discipline the unnamed juvenile boy.

He said, "It's kind of a double standard thing."

He bases that claim on a previous incident where a cheerleader was immediately removed from the squad for posting an inappropriate picture to social media.

Zeigler says the pictures to his daughter came from a football player at Arkadelphia high school last month.

"Anybody else that would have done this the punishment would have been handed out quickly," he claimed. "For the last two week's he's still on the ball field."

With his daughter claiming some of the inappropriate actions took place at school he says the student should be removed from his extracurricular activity as well.

"I don't think he ought to be allowed to play football."

Zeigler says he told the Principal he's removing his daughter from the high school for her safety.

"And I told him: I said, "you can't protect her. You can't keep this from happening to her." So we had no other choice," Zeigler said.

We reached out to the Arkadelphia School District which says they don't police or discipline incidents outside of their jurisdiction.

The incident with the cheerleader happened at a school sanctioned event.
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