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Parent Threat Prompts Investigation at Springdale School

Child told teacher that her father said he was going to "take a gun and shoot up the school."
SPRINGDALE, AR (KNWA) - Police are investigating a possible threat aimed at a Springdale elementary school.

According to officers, on Thursday morning a Parson Hills Elementary student told a teacher that her father, Sammie Polite, 30, had threatened to "take a gun and shoot up the school." Police say the child's aunt also reported hearing the threat.

The school principal called police, and swift action was taken to keep the kids safe just in case. All students were kept indoors while exterior doors remained locked.

Springdale Police helped secure the school and also provided surveillance at the child's home since officers were unsure where Polite was.

Investigators later figured out that the threats were made earlier in the week and that Polite was in Portland (Ashley County), a town on the southern border of the state. Officers asked him to drive to the local sheriff's office to confirm he was not in Springdale, which he did.

Police are continuing to investigate this case.
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