Only in Arkansas: Stephano's Fine Art Gallery

Only in Arkansas: Stephano's Fine Art Gallery

The gallery has the makings of a place you'll only find in Arkansas.
More than 500 people will attend a benefit for the working homeless this Friday.

The admission to get in and silent auction proceeds will help benefit "Our House."

One particular item though will come fresh off an easel in the Heights.

The gallery it came from has the makings of a place you'll only find in Arkansas.

Bright colors covers his clothes. Patches of paint stain Stephano Sutherlin's skin.

"My colors come from my days when I ran away and joined the carnival," Stephano said. "I never say that very much."

He became a carny at the age of 15.

Born in California, Stephano's work has taken him all over until he decided to settle down with his wife right here in the natural state.

"I fell in love with this little hamlet and made it my home."

For six years now he and his wife have operated Stephano's Fine Art Gallery in the Heights off of Kavenaugh.

They fill the walls with eclectic art, celebrity and local artists and of course his own work.

Unmistakable faces cover most of the canvases.

"So I'm kind of a pop-artist," Stephano remarked. "Well not kind of I really am a pop-artist."

The rest is inspired by his life.

His time as a carny, the people and his dog Diego.

So while you may be able to find an art gallery anywhere it's these particular things you'll only find in Arkansas.

"Just... just living in Arkansas is really special for me," he said. "Even though I'm an old beach rat."

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