Only in Arkansas: Roundtop Filling Station

Only in Arkansas: Roundtop Filling Station

One local group is working to bring back to life a one of a kind building you'll only find in Arkansas.
SHERWOOD, AR -- The screws and panels coming off breathe life back in to the Roundtop Filling Station once again.

For decades, it has sat unused and empty.

"It's been vacant," Darrell Brown said. "It's been the victim of theft and vandalism."

A sad sight for Brown, chairman of the Sherwood History and Heritage Committee.

"I've always been sad to see this place just sitting here wasting away," he said.

Brown says the Roundtop is the only historical landmark in Sherwood and hopes for restoration.

Built in 1936 by a local real estate developer for Pierce Oil Company, the history of the building lives on today through the windows, doors and walls holding it up.

"It's truly a one of a kind building," Brown remarked. "It's an important piece of Sherwood's history and really an important piece of Arkansas' history."

On Thursday, the lead architect and Historical Preservation Society got a chance to peek inside as the steps begin to restore and save the original building. It's one you won't find anywhere else.

"It's the only one in the United States or even in the world for that matter," Brown added.

Once the building is restored and brought back to the glory days of the 30's and the years since, they hope to utilize it as a Sherwood Police Department sub-station.

To follow along with the restoration of the Roundtop Filling Station, go to their Facebook page.
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