Only in Arkansas: Rock Town Bottling Party

Only in Arkansas: Rock Town Bottling Party

Josh Berry tapped into a unique brewery that employs volunteers to bottle their product.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The alcohol business is proving to be quite lucrative for one Little Rock distillery.

"12 hundred corks, 12 hundred labels, 600 cases, taped stacked and ready to go," explains Phil Brandon.

There's case after case of liquor getting ready to ship off to it's newest state.

Rock Town Distillery in Little Rock has had its share of early success in its four years.

They use locally sourced grains (Arkansas grown corn and wheat), distilling and aging their product on site.

They just recently launched their brand in Texas. That means Rock Town Distillery distributes to 11 states.

"We try to pride ourselves in being from Arkansas," Brandon remarks.

They still call themselves a small business.

"Oh yeah we're very small," Brandon says. "We've got three full-time employees."

Owner, founder and self-proclaimed Chief Bottle Washer, Brandon says some of the thanks for the success goes to a group of volunteers.

They're a group of Arkansans willing to lend a helping hand.

"It's nice to know, "Oh I did that, I helped them you know, maybe that's the one I did," Dawn Harnack explains about putting in the work and seeing the product on store shelves.

Brandon said, "[It's] a chance to come in and actually put the spirits in the bottle and experience that and there's some fringe benefits."

Who wouldn't want a slice of pizza, some mixed drinks and even their very own bottle of the liquor bottle that night to take home.

We're told that's not really all it's about though.

"I think it's more about being able to do it than any real perks," Harnack insists. "Because it's local and knowing you see these bottles all around town."

It's apparently about just having a hand on something made only in Arkansas.

About 200 cases are put together every night. That amounts to 1,200 bottles made by the hands that may eventually drink it.
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