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Only in Arkansas: Oldest Home in Little Rock

It's still standing at the corner of 3rd & Cumberland in downtown.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - In the shadows of some of Little Rock's tallest buildings sit some of the city's oldest.

The Historic Arkansas Museum is a place that's easy to miss but not easy to forget.

Nestled along 3rd Street, between Scott and Cumberland, it's a place where you can take a step back into Arkansas's frontier history.

You'll learn about everything from what early settlers wore, ate, and where they slept, to where they had their drinks and a good time.

The museum provides a tour through the historic grounds and allows you to visit a pre-Civil War neighborhood, including the oldest home still standing in Little Rock.

Interpreters like Darrell Brown help guide the way. It's a good fit for someone enthralled with their native state's past.

"And this is the perfect job because you get to share Arkansas history and Arkansas culture with not just your fellow Arkansans but we have people from all over the United States that come here every week," says Brown.

During guided tours on Mondays and Tuesdays, the staff takes visitors from building to building, all the while explaining the history that lives within the grounds.

"It's so gratifying because that's what we want. We want history to live," explains Starr Mitchell, Education Director for the Historic Arkansas Museum.

The museum opened 72 years ago after being restored in the 1930s.

"You have been in houses that are in the same place they've been since they were built," Mitchell says.

It's surely a rare sight.

"A lot of places have little historic villages," says Mitchell.

But not like this -- surrounded by condominiums and skyscrapers -- the village sits on ground dating back to the early 1800s.

"I don't know of any other city in the United States that has something like this smack dab in the middle of it," adds Brown.

And that's why it's deserving of the name -- only in Arkansas.
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